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Technical Specs

ServerThere is a lot of personal information used in running a campaign, and we value your security as much as we value your community's privacy. Our system is housed in a commercial-grade network operation center "somewhere" in the heartland of America. While we're not a Fortune 500 company, we've spared no expense to make sure our server is secure and ready for work.

  • Commercial grade physical security
  • Daily backups and data redundancy
  • Encrypted data transfers for everything from campaign contributions to your neighbors address.
  • Disaster recovery plan for internet outages or other acts beyond our control
  • 24/7/365 monitoring is also a unique blend of technology and relationships. Our system is built upon the leading edge of technology and uses a broad spectrum of technology and features. In case you'd like to know some of those technical specs, here they are.

  • High quality virtualized Microsoft Servers
  • Top of the line IIS and SQL Servers
  • ASP.NET server technology
  • AJAX, JavaScript, XML, KML, JSON, and all sorts of other network communications technologies
  • Appropriately licensed and managed geo-coding and map-based technology

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