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It's our goal to provide a high quality product that is truly an investment, not just a cost of doing business. We believe that the tools we provide to campaigns are among the best in the business. Combine that with our approach of flexible packages and high quality service, and we're excited to offer a value that can't be beat. Every campaign is different, of course, but it's our goal to empower campaigns, small and large alike, the tools they need to win.

We're not naive, though. We know you hit this page looking for pricing. And pricing we will give you. The table below shows you what a campaign might look like using our pricing model. These figures, while accurate and based on real calculations behind the scenes, do not represent the cost of managing your campaign. For that, we really do need to talk to you. Contact us today.

Campaign Website
  Template Based Campaign Website   $1,000
  On Site or Remote Training   $500 - $1,000
Data Driven Community Engagement Software 
   Insertion of Voter Data  $500
   Voter List Management Package  $1,000
   Community Engagement Package  $1,000
   Election Day Package  $750
   User Accounts, Support, and Maintenance $500 - $1,500
  On Site or Remote Training $500 - $1,500
Total Website + Management Packages: $4,250 
Total Training and Support: $1,500 - $4,000 

Again, we need to clarify... these numbers are only representative of our pricing plan. Your campaign may be smaller and require fewer resources, or it could be much more complex. Please contact us for more information.

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