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Benefits and Features

How we provide our services is just as important (if not more) than what we provide. We know that your campaign or referendum is unique among all others. While there are many common benefits and features within the systems, products, and services we provide, they are all driven by a desire to understand your unique situation and provide solutions to your unique problems.

The items outlined below are by no means the total extent of what we have to provide. Our predefined packages may be a perfect fit for you, or they may require a tailored approach that includes consultation, custom development, and training. We're here to help, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Template Driven Sites
  • Custom Site Theme
  • Custom Site Map / Page Hierarchy
  • Customizable Pages, Keywords, and Content
  • Social Integration
  • Feedback Forms
Also Available:
  • Online Donations
  • Lawn Sign Orders
  • Voter Database Integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • Templates prescribed by campaign consultants
Voter List Management
Our list management and community engagement products and services are offered through our website, The system will give staff and volunteers may capabilities, included but not limited to:

Voter List Management
  • Automated Loading of Electronic Voter Data
  • Voter Lookup and History
  • Updatable Voter Info, Contact History, Customized Lists
  • Summary Reports and Analytics
  • Customizable and Preset Queries
TrainingTraining your leadership and volunteer teams is an important part to a successful campaign. We provide training for all of our services, and can even come on-site to your location to personally train your staff. We are also building an ever-growing knowledge base of FAQ's and How-To's to help you along your way.
Community Engagement
Our Community Engagement Package allows election data to be managed ON THE GROUND through the use of smart phones, tables, and other internetenabled mobile devices. Our software is compatible with almost any type of mobile device with a web-browser, and will include valuable features such as:

Community Engagement
  • Data or Region Based Walking Maps
  • Live, Mobile and Updatable Access to Voter Data
  • Demographic and voter information available before knocking on the door.
  • Live list management with immediate sync.
Mobile Devices
Mobile DevicesWe provide mobile-friendly access to all the tools you'll need as you manage your campaign or get your boots on the ground and stay in touch with voters. Our system works on any device with an internet connection, whether it's a tablet, an iPhone, an Android, or even a "not-so-smart" feature phone with a simple web browser.
Volunteer Management
Volunteer ManagementOur software is secure from top to bottom, and we can readily give your volunteers access to the tools and resources they need to effectively connect with the community and aggressively promote your campaign.
Live Election Day Results
Our Election Day Results software allows users of the system to record and monitor, in real time, voter turnout (given the ability for staff to obtain voter information at the time they are voting). Updates made to the system on mobile devices will be made available immediately to those at command central, where summary information can be reviewed and followup calls to YES voters can be made. This service will include features such as:

Election Day
  • Live lists of voters expected to turn out and support your campaign
  • Live updating of voter turnout from the polling location
  • Mobile access to data and ability to record voter turnout the feeds command central.
  • Summarized reports and charts displaying voter turnout available in real-time
SupportWe support what we build. Even though your team is trained and building the campaign, we are still here to support you, from announcement day to election day. Our support services are available when and where you need them - day or night, on the phone or in your conference room. Our team of professionals is ready to support both the software we build and the people who use it.
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